Eat Sensibly. Live Joyfully.

Individualized Counseling
One-on-one counseling where we will work together to develop a treatment plan that's essentially you. I'll review pertinent medical, social, and exercise histories to assess your overall health status and make recommendations that suit your needs. My sessions will supply you with the nutrition know-how to achieve your personal goals while feeling confident in the process.

· Initial consultation
· Follow-up sessions
· Online (via email) & phone sessions available

Kitchen Conversion
Let's clean-out and get to the healthy stuff. I'll target the foods that hinder your weight loss or maintenance efforts and find suitable substitutions for these antagonists. If that bag of chips doesn't hang around your kitchen in the first place, you can't eat it.

Grocery Store Tour
A personalized, guided tour to clear up all the nutrition confusion. Learn the difference between organic vs. processed foods and all that lies in between. Food label reading lesson included. Leave this session with an RD-approved shopping list and a fresh perspective on navigating your food market.

Menu Makeover
The average American reports eating out 50% of the time. Not surprising, given the unbeatable convenience factor. We all have our favorites, don't we? I'll re-vamp those menus and offer smart meal options to eliminate the difficulty that can surround healthy eating amid rampant temptation. Tips and tricks also provided on how to successfully order when dining out.